Switch, Pressure ASCO HB40A214 4-12psi


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ASCO HB40A214 H Series Adjustable Deadband Pressure Switch, General Purpose Enclosure, 1/4″ Pipe Size, 4 psi -12 psi Adjustable Operating Range, 1.6 psi Deadband Range, 250 psi Proof Pressure

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H-Series miniature pressure switches have field adjustable set points and fixed deadband, with diaphragm/piston sensor. They are available in open frame construction, Type 1 general purpose or Type 4 watertight enclosures. The resilient diaphragm/piston construction helps provide long life and maintains set point repeatability despite environmental temperature variations. The full size electical switch is a precision UL listed, snap-action type. H-Series switches are CSA approved and are UL listed under “Industrial Control Equipment



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817-00829, OEM-CB-817-00829

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