Pressuretrol, Solid State, On-Off, Modulate & Limit Control, 0-150 Psi


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Line voltage pressure controller that provides automatic operating control, automatic limit protection, manual reset limit protection, and 4-20ma modulating firing rate control for pressure systems up to 300 psi.

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  • May be used with steam, air, non-combustible gases or fluids that will not corrode the pressure sensing element.
  • Models available in 15, 150, 300 psi maximum set points.
  • LED indicators show limit function/lockout.
  • Reset function easily accessible under cover.
  • Clear cover allows set point and differentials to be read (but not adjusted) without opening the cover.




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Switch Operation


Pressure Differential

28 psi to 110 psi

Temperature Range (F)

32°F to 150°F

Max Pressure

325 Psi

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